If you're looking to live like a local using mainly Bitcoin as your Currency in El Salvador and not just do typical tourist stuff while you're here, this is the guide for you. Click HERE for the Spanish Version. Click here to see the video summary of the guide. If you need my services please fill out this form

A lot of people visit San Salvador and ask for advice on where to eat, what to drink, what to do, and where to stay. Now that I’ve lived here all my life, I feel like I have at least some authority to tell people the best places to do all of these things.


Consider this document your ever-growing guide to El Salvador, what to do here, the neighborhoods to visit and the places to eat.

I guess you could consider this a guide for people visiting, and wanting to avoid the awful tourist parts of San Salvador, or you could use it as a reference if you’re thinking of moving here.

Last edit: July 30, 2022.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or feedback, please add them as comments or email me to [email protected] or visit diegovilledaa.bio.link It’s a living document, and some bits aren’t done. I probably made mistakes too. Forgive me.


Antiguo Cuscatlan neighborhood

Antiguo Cuscatlan neighborhood

Here's a quick breakdown of all the neighborhoods you want to know about, and what each of them is known for in San Salvador(at least, according to my experience, of course). Click each one to open it up or collapse it. Please be around zones near the San Salvador volcano.

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